The following is a list of current and past students

Current Students

Muhammad Islam (Ph.D.)

Focus: I am a Graduate Research Assistant working on a self-driving car project at the Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems (CAVS). I am also an instructor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) department. My research interests include data-information fusion, machine learning, deep learning, and hypersepctral image processing.

Bryce Murray (Ph.D.)

Focus: My interests reside in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based multi-sensor data collection, fusion and analytics. This includes collecting high-quality multi- and hyper-spectral broad band data from a UAV (which is much harder than one might imaginek!). I work on it all; starting with application planning, system design, system development, flight, post processing (e.g, orthorectification), to fusion and machine learning.
MS thesis topic (Fall 2017): Multispectral Processing of Side Looking Synthetic Aperture Acoustic Data for Explosive Hazard Detection

Charlie Veal (Masters)

Focus: deep learning (convolutional neural networks and generative adversarial networks), fusion in deep learning, and applications to imagery and radar (one dimensional electronic warfare, ground penetrating radar and three dimensional voxel space radar)

Lequn Hu (PhD)

Focus: mathematics of fusion and multiple kernel learning for machine learning

Jeff Durst (Ph.D.)

Employed by US Army ERDC
Focus:mobility modeling for autonomous unmanned ground vehicles

Jeremy Davis (Ph.D.)

Focus: Jeremy received his M.S. degree in 2011 from Mississippi State University in computer science with a focus on machine learning and heuristic search. Jeremy is currently working on his PhD in computer science from Mississippi State University under the direction of Dr. Derek Anderson and Dr. Cindy Bethel with an emphasis on computer vision and scene understanding. Jeremy's research interests also include object detection/recognition, robotics, and mobile platform software development. Jeremy currently works for Babel Street, Inc. where he is part of the company's research group.

Blake Brockner (Masters)

Focus: signal-image processing and machine learning for voxel space radar

Past Students

Stanton Price (PhD, Jan 2018)

Ph.D. thesis topic (Spring, 2018): Fusion of evolution constructed features for computer vision
MS thesis topic (Spring, 2015): Advanced Feature Learning and Representation in Image Processing for Anomaly Detection

Josh Dowdy (Masters, Jan 2018)

Thesis: Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Explosive Hazard Detection in Synthetic Aperture Acoustic and High Resolution Voxel Radar
With Babel Street now

Ryan Smith (Masters, Fall 2017)

Thesis: Fusion of RGB and Thermal Data for Improved Scene Understanding
With Dynetics, AL now

Titilope Adeyeba (Masters, Spring 2015)

Thesis: Insights and Characterizations of l1-Norm Based Sparsity Learning of a Lexicographically Encoded Capacity Vector for the Choquet Integral
With DELL, TX now

Leary Tomlin (Masters, Spring 2016)

Thesis: Fuzzy Integral-Based Rule Aggregation in Fuzzy Logic
With Gresham, Smith and Partners now

John Rose (Masters, Non-Thesis)

With US Air Force now

Matthew Lee (Post-Doc)

With Raytheon now.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Past Students

Ravinder Singh, Ankit Arya, Josh Dowdy, Michael Acosta, Darrell Cleveland, Daniel Stevenson, Ryan James, Derek Reeves, Stanton Price, John Rose, Charlie Veal, Boss Shell, Madelyn Davis, Courtney Morgan

Current Students

None at the moment as I transition to the University of Missouri