This page has details about how to join my laboratory

Students currently enrolled at Mizzou

In general, I do not accept new graduate students unless you have taken a class from me, you come recommended from a colleague, have prior experience in this area, or you initiate side research with me (small focused topic). The reason is to help ensure student-professor compatibility. Graduate school is a multi-year endevor. Contact me if you have interests (ideally a background) in; fusion, pattern recognition, machine learning, computational intelligence (evolutionary algorithms, neural networks and fuzzy set theory), signal and image processing, computer vision, unmanned aerial vehicles, sensors, remote sensing. In general, I do not accept students who are interested in topics outside this list.

Please adhere to the following with respect to research inquiries:
PhD: Send a complete resume to my email account, which includs courses taken and GPA. Keep your email to three paragraphs. In the first paragraph, describe why you are interested in this area. In the second paragraph, describe why you think my lab can help you achieve those goals. In the last paragraph, if you have any prior work (projects, papers, etc.), briefly summarize your prior experience.
Masters thesis: Follow the same procedure as PhD.
Masters non-thesis: I am not accepting any non-thesis students.
Undergraduate research: Ideally, you have taken a class from me (or colleague). Send me a brief description of why you want to join my lab and what coursework you have taken.

Student not currently enrolled at Mizzou

If you would like to persue a PhD or Masters degree under my supervision, you need to first apply for admission to Mizzou. After you are accepted, follow the instructions for graduate students above.